You Can’t Jump Into the Same River Twice

River of Flowers

Hericlitus said that. Its about time that marches on and drops over the horizon.
The sun rises on a different world. You may not be in it.
So imagine my delight yesterday at the Doctor’s office when in conversation he said something about me being 66. For some reason I had been thinking that I was 68, going on 69 in fact. Now I’m only going on 67. He said, “See, I gave you two extra years!” What a gift!

Thanks doc. Now what is to be done with this time that is flowing through the hourglass. I think writing this is a good use.

I am subscribed to another blog on WordPress. Bucket List Publications
This is a travel blog that I came across when I was titling this thing.
It goes to show how different bucket lists can be. Mine are mostly internal although I love to travel. I have some spots on my list. Machhu Picu for one, but that is starting to morph into a prolonged journey. Need to work on that. Right now I am more interested in pursuing audio stuff. Working on the blog. I get 5 minutes at an all female poetry reading tonight. I say thank you.


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