The First Bouquet

A Bindi Bulb Bouquet

Seemapuri Bindi Bulbs


Rolando Politi at  Armando Perez Garden

Rolando Politi at Armando Perez Garden

The first bouquet goes to Rolando Politi.  Rolando is an artist of a certain age.   He worships trash.  I have known him for decades.   His motto is “Recycle and Pray.”   That is the name of his blog as well.        Recycle and Pray

Some of the things he has made are gorgeous blooms out of discarded metal cans.  He has placed these along chain link fences in our neighborhood.

mandir working

Kabad Se Jugad

The women of Seemapuri, a town on the outskirts of New Delhi have put alot of faith in trash.   They spend their lives picking through it;  trying to accumulate  enough value to buy food for the evening meal.

  They sponsored Rolando to come to Seemapuri  to  teach them how to transform trash into beauty.   Our bouquet is made from discarded lightbulbs and discarded bindi dots and assorted plastica.

The All Womens Waste Workers Co-Op are marketing their beautiful creations to the public.   Below are some examples of  their work.

They have a  website.  Kabad se jugad     But for various reasons lost in translation, these can be had only through Rolando.   One flower is a reasonable $30.00.  This includes shipping and handling.    You don’t need to pay until the order is received and you are happy with it.
To order contact Rolando at
Of course they are looking for bulk orders and big publicity.   This  post might help.
If you want to know more about the situation with waste workers in India  check out this site:  WIEGO .

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