What is the Bouquet List

green_floralWe arrive at a certain age.  Still we look forward.   We think about all the things we want to do before boarding that last flight to the western lands.  What do they call it?   That’s right–the bucket list.

We start a blog.  That name is taken.  Then we remember Hyacinth and Richard Bucket–the PBS lovebirds. Hyacinth pronounces Bucket as Bouquet.    OK, that works.   We’ll call it The Bouquet List.   Like a bucket list but prettier and better smelling.

And bestowable.  Bouquets carry the idea of something given as an acknowledgment.  We will meet and  give bouquets to others writing  new chapters.   To agencies and enterprises enabling  extraordinary transitions and experiences that are life’s adornments.   Health.  Longevity.  Food.  Travel.  Volunteerism.  Education.  More.   The seeds we planted in the 20th century are blooming in the 21st.